[Elsevier] [Full book]Fundamentals of Machine Component Design

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journal£º Elsevier
Authors£ºWael A. Altabey

Published date£º2024


PDF link£ºhttps://www.sciencedirect.com/sc ... ii/C20220026222/pdf

Article link£ºhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/c2022-0-02622-2

Article Source£ºElsevier¡£

[size=1.2]DescriptionFundamentals of Machine Component Design[size=0.8] [size=0.8]bridges theory and practice to provide readers with a thorough understanding of best practices for machine component design and application. Load and stress analysis, fatigue, fracture, and other mechanical behaviors that can result in the failure of a machine component are discussed in the early chapters before the book moves on to cover different connections (welded and bolted) prevalent in machine components, and then individual components such as gears, shafts, bearings, springs, pressure vessels, brakes, clutches, keys and couplings, and more. The book ends with chapters outlining different design methods as well as design problems for readers to practice with. Solutions are also provided.

Key Features[size=0.8]
  • Covers the design of shafts, power screws, bolts, welded connections, springs, and pressure vessels, as well as transmitted power elements such as belts, chains, gears, and wire ropes
  • Outlines finite element methods and other techniques that can be used for effectively designing machine components
  • Discusses contact and sliding bearings, keys and couplings, gears (helical, spur, bevel, and worm), and more
  • Includes solved problems to help readers refine their skills

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