Connecting copper and cancer: from transition metal signalling to metalloplasia

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journal£ºNature Reviews Cancer

Authors£ºEva J. Ge; Ashley I. Bush; Angela Casini; Paul A. Cobine; Justin R. Cross; Gina M. DeNicola; Q. Ping Dou; Katherine J. Franz; Vishal M. Gohil; Sanjeev Gupta; Stephen G. Kaler; Svetlana Lutsenko; Vivek Mittal; Michael J. Petris; Roman Polishchuk; Martina Ralle; Michael L. Schilsky; Nicholas K. Tonks; Linda T. Vahdat; Linda Van Aelst; Dan Xi; Peng Yuan; Donita C. Brady; Christopher J. Chang

Published date£º2022-2-


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Article Source£ºSpringer Science and Business Media LLC¡£


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