Letí»s talk about your opinion on sci-hub

kiralingert Post time 2023-10-1 07:14:05 | Show all posts
Best thing in the world, make my life easier
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oregon_bro_643 Post time 2023-10-1 07:23:12 | Show all posts
Edited by oregon_bro_643 at 2023-10-1 07:24

Scihub is great, but I think it's a severe mistake for them to stop uploading in the hopes of winning the Indian court case. I see no reason to suspect that the Indian government is going to rule in their favor (there are powerful Indian and non-Indian publishing houses that likely hold a lot of sway). Meanwhile the uploading freeze has significantly disabled a lot of global research, by removing easy access to article from the last few years. Scihub should just accept that they are illegal, and continue as a source of underground content, rather than cripple themselves in the probably doomed pursuit of legal success.
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Hamza25 Post time 2023-10-1 09:42:11 | Show all posts
it is really helpful especially to student who don't have money to pay for download the articles or who are not able to get access due to several reason.   
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grueturtle Post time 2023-10-2 07:36:17 | Show all posts
Edited by grueturtle at 2023-10-2 07:47

1. Good. Scientific research and knowledge should not be paywalled

2. Yes. I used it many times when looking into various matters, including research on supplements and medications before putting them in my body

3. Turn sci-hub into a torrent tracker. Host nothing except a searchable database of hashes of files and the DOI/PMID of the paper they're a copy of. Any seedboxes sci-hub might run are to be on wholly separate servers hosted by different hosts outside the 14 Eyes.

4. I though Sci-Hub was no longer active? I found this place looking for an alternative since last I knew sci-hub was no longer adding new researc
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igilybigily Post time 2023-10-2 08:53:16 | Show all posts
I would 100% kill myself if sci hub ever got taken down. It is the only reason I'm able to do what I love.
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dread36 Post time 2023-10-2 13:37:27 | Show all posts
anotherone1 replied at 2023-9-29 05:58
1. Extremely good. Flow of information should be free around the world. Putting research behind a pa ...
> There's literally no other good alternative. Cry.

Nexus is existing for years providing access to more papers than Sci-Hub. Cry that people just do not know about it.

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Vetforexotic Post time 2023-10-2 16:04:11 | Show all posts
1. For the scientific community, is the emergence of sci-hub good or bad?
Scihub is great, make my life easier, none of the authors benefits financially from the papers and poor people struggle to keep up to date. Some brilliant ideas might get lost.
2. For you, has the emergence of sci-hub really helped you?
Hundreds of pieces I would have never been able to read had sci-hub not been there.
3. What is sci-hubí»s next plan? Do you have any good suggestions?
I strongly urge Scihub to consider collecting and making the papers from wosonhj available on their website. Scihub should simply continue to be a source of clandestine content like scientific book sites are, those who want the paper book pay for it, but the scientific books that help work should be accessible to everyone. Scihub should consider collecting the papers shared in wosonhj and making them available on the website  via the DOI.
4. Suppose sci-hub really stops working one day, what will you do?
I would be desperate.
5. Any questions you want to ask or anything you want to say
I have difficulty using "wosonhj" because the scientific branches are mixed and I can't always find my area. Also, when I find an item, I can't download it if it's not directed at me or if it's been too long. We should all upload our articles and make them available to others via DOI or other system.

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vipinvj Post time 2023-10-2 23:09:39 | Show all posts
1. Emergence of sci-hub is really good for the scientific community

2. Helpful for me a lot with my academic work

3. Forwarding of requested article to user email

4. no other options; but I am optimistic that it will remain for ever

5. give more points/credits to the active users
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dashlander Post time 2023-10-2 23:24:42 | Show all posts
1. Yes, having monetary barriers to the flow of knowledge harms the entire science endeavor as a whole.

2. Very good, the amount of times I've had sci-hub help me with papers for my projects and papers was a lot.

3. Hopefully increase the database, tho that's kinda iffy considering the legal procedings.

4. Use Nexus.

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gehadkamal Post time 2023-10-4 15:31:56 | Show all posts
how to get points
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