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Mutual Aid-Science Community Convention  ...2345 administrator 2021-9-24 4514798 freedocs 4 hour(s) ago
On the practice of the clinical implementation of enhanced dynamic wedges attachment New Offei The day before yesterday 20:47 14 por 10 hour(s) ago
Please, i need help to get this full text attachment New Rayhan_Rabbani The day before yesterday 22:43 113 por 10 hour(s) ago
Soil Buckling and the Leaning Instability of Tall Structures New CHEN Yesterday 19:09 04 CHEN Yesterday 19:09
Paracentral Acute Middle Maculopathy Associated With Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and Cilioretinal Artery Occlusion in Giant Cell Arteritis New drsanjays Yesterday 16:53 03 drsanjays Yesterday 16:53
Maintenance therapies in acute myeloid leukemia: the renaissance of an old therapeutic concept New Drpankaj707 Yesterday 14:39 04 Drpankaj707 Yesterday 14:39
Architectures of Life and Death - Andrej Radman Stavros Kousoulas New zazanz 3 day(s) ago 215 zazanz Yesterday 00:41
A review of Eugen Fink's work (Philosophy Documentation Center, Perspektiven der Philosophie) New freecontentfan Yesterday 00:24 03 freecontentfan Yesterday 00:24
On the Relation between Empirical Amplification and Proxies Measured at Swiss and Japanese Stations: Systematic Regression Analysis and Neural Network Prediction of Amplification New Boum The day before yesterday 20:07 04 Boum The day before yesterday 20:07
I wanna this paper :OmpF Downregulation Mediated by Sigma E or OmpR Activati... New LEI20 The day before yesterday 17:06 15 LEI20 The day before yesterday 17:06
Dast¨±r al-k¨ˇtib f¨© taʿy¨©n al-mar¨ˇtib 1 New Lika The day before yesterday 16:07 04 Lika The day before yesterday 16:07
Request paper "Pronunciation in course books: English as a lingua franca perspective" New libraryvbit The day before yesterday 15:34 04 libraryvbit The day before yesterday 15:34
I need this paper please: Tumours block protective muscle and nerve signals to cause cachexia attachment New Edumen 3 day(s) ago 19 bkm The day before yesterday 13:50
Request for full article attachment New shrinwantu 3 day(s) ago 119 por The day before yesterday 03:06
please give me the PDF of this article. Thank you so much! New MinhNguyen 3 day(s) ago 08 MinhNguyen 3 day(s) ago
I need this : Experiment investigation of shear transfer in exposed column base connections. attachment New Mirmajid 3 day(s) ago 14 Mirmajid 3 day(s) ago New Ani 3 day(s) ago 04 Ani 3 day(s) ago
Article needed please : Genetic Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Tunisian Milk Waste and their Antimicrobial Activity Against some Bacteria Implicated in Nosocomial Infections New hiba 6 day(s) ago 112 shafin 4 day(s) ago
Establishment of South Indian soft tissue cephalometric norms using profile angles and esthetic analysis New kumaran 4 day(s) ago 05 kumaran 4 day(s) ago
Article for research New lquevedo 5 day(s) ago 06 lquevedo 5 day(s) ago
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